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Top Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy

Inessa Radostin

Top Reasons to Use Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy by Inessa Radostin on July 8th, 2019

Whether you’re promoting your business or are simply an avid social media user, you’ve probably heard the word ‘infographic’ thrown around. So, what exactly are infographics and why should you be using them in your marketing campaigns?

An infographic is a mix of design, copy and analysis compiled in one document. It is a form of presenting information that is ideal for our age of big data. With the use of an infographic, you can convey complex information in a visual format that is pleasing to the eye and is potentially viral.

Simply put, it’s a pretty way of your getting your point across!

There are a multitude of reasons to start incorporating infographics into your marketing strategies:

1) Infographics are compelling and attractive. People love facts and statistics but what they love even more is a good-looking image. A picture isn’t just worth a thousand words, it can be worth thousands of dollars if leveraged correctly.

2) Infographics have higher viral capabilities. While it’s true that there is no real formula to viral content, using infographics can help you kick start the process. Due to their visual appeal, they have a better chance of being re-shared socially. This is especially true for Pinterest, a platform where data and images go hand in hand.

3) Including infographics in your content strategy allows for a better way to stay visible longer. Since they incorporate valued information, the chances of your infographic being saved for later reading are higher than the scroll-through nature of plain images or text. They tend to have a longer shelf life due to their appeal to readers and with such, stay relevant for longer periods of time.

4) The usage of infographics can help boost your SEO. The result of using consistent infographic marketing campaigns is an abundance of inbound links that can boost your search rankings. Combine that with highly targeted keywords and you’ve got yourself a golden goose!

5) Infographics are bar none the easiest sales funnel you can create. With many free tools on the market that can help you create stunning infographics in minutes, it is almost foolish not to use them when marketing your business. One infographic can drive traffic for months and if you’re retargeting a sales page, that equals to months of possible new sales.

Knowledge is power and the regular use of infographics can position you as an expert in your field so what are you waiting for? Share those graphics!