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Tips on working smarter, not harder

Cicilia Thamrin

Tips on working smarter, not harder by Cicilia Thamrin on September 25th, 2019

If you want to increase productivity it is important to first understand in which method, you do your best work. Here are a few effective yet simple steps to keep in mind in order to effectively increase your productive output throughout the workday:

Plan ahead and stick to your schedule

Make sure to plan your day! Create a to-do list that you can tick off as every task is accomplished but remember to make it a manageable one and ensure to limit expectations of what you want to achieve on daily basis to ones that are reasonable and more importantly: achievable.

Set a time limit to each task. By allocating a time limit to each task you are mentally structuring your work day to get the most productivity out of your time.

Prioritize your tasks based on importance

It’s important to make sure you are getting the most important things done first. If you tackle the hardest tasks first and keep in mind the time allocated you will ensure to take off the pressure of the rest of the day, making it possible for your day to become easier with each task that is accomplished.

Take a breather!

While planning ahead and prioritizing tasks are both pivotal to make the most out of your time, what is also needed is taking regular breaks. By taking a 5-10 minutes break after each task that is accomplished you’re refreshing your brain and making it possible to move on to the next item with a clear head. This will ensure you do not burn yourself out too quickly. Take a walk to recharge and come back fresh.

Create a positive workspace

A clear workspace often means a clear and focused mind. Clutter is distraction, so make sure to keep your desk and your work area clean of unnecessary distractions so you can focus on getting things done.

With these four steps in mind, it’s possible to make every day a breeze and a productive one as well. These are often methods that I employ throughout the day and I’ve noticed that it helps immensely with structuring my day in such a way that meeting deadlines is not only at the forefront of priorities but also achievable.