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Harold Chizick

SEVEN YEARS AND COUNTING by Harold Chizick on April 13th, 2020

Seven years and counting… What’s not to celebrate? This week marks ChizComm’s seventh anniversary as a company, and as I write this, I can hardly believe it.

On April 12, 2013, we made our first splash in the industry and invited the world of toys, licensing, children’s entertainment and overall play to #GetChizzyWithIt. This video marks the beginning of partnerships, business opportunities, growth and friendships that are beyond the wildest ambitions of the original vision of ChizComm, and we feel fortunate to have been given a chance in an industry we love.

One of the largest milestones and growth opportunities for ChizComm came just after the 5-year mark, when we completed our first acquisition of Beacon Media and became the largest purchaser of children’s media in the US. Anyone who has gone through an acquisition knows when you look back on those times, you remember a lot of sleepless nights, stress, worry and lawyer bills. You also know that nothing feels better than when everything starts to come together the way you envisioned, and all the hard work was worth it.

From a single Ikea desk in the bedroom to two incredible, collaborative and strong teams in New Jersey and Toronto, the #ChizFam has grown. Our current staff,who represent a mix of original staff that have developed with the company, and multiple strong, strategic additions along the way, are a collective of experienced professionals from the worlds of manufacturing, publishing, agency services, research and retail. Today, we also have officially welcomed our first west coast, LA-based, full time employee to help provide real time responsiveness to our clients across North America.

We have become a company that develops strategy for our partners based on insights and research across more than just PR and Social Media. We can truly say we offer 360-degree marketing strategies for our clients, across all marketing pillars. This is something that very few agencies can do, but it wouldn’t have been possible without those who supported us along the way.

While the world is living through the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to celebrate the wins of our hard work, and take the time to thank all the great partners from the present, past and future. Seven Years and counting, we have been chosen to work with over 100 amazing clients across four continents, 200+ brands and have been a part of 30 Toy of the year nominations and 6 TOTY wins.

On behalf of the entire team, I thank everyone who gave us the privilege to work on their business. We appreciate the opportunities we have been presented, and look forward to many more successes together.