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Remember Me? Best Practices for Follow Up Emails

Kristi Beaulieu

Remember Me? Best Practices for Follow Up Emails by Kristi Beaulieu on April 21st, 2020

Now that most of us are in a completely digital world, how we sound in email and in our follow-ups is more important than ever! Follow up etiquette is crucial to building relationships, landing hits and having happy clients. 

While the task may seem small and a very insignificant part of your day, I’ve learned that the art of a well-written follow-up email may just land you the media coverage you’ve been looking for. I am laying out my best tips and tricks to nailing your follow up email and ensuring that your pitch gets the recognition it deserves! 


Personalize, personalize, personalize! 

Whether it is a media contact that you have an ongoing relationship with or a new source that you would love to add to your connections, there is no harm in being a little extra personal. Acknowledge the work they have recently published, ask how their current coverage is coming along – it will never hurt to be a little extra friendly and will make the opportunity for dialogue that much more achievable.


It’s all about the approach

NEVER send a follow-up email to any media, clients, or professional that includes a “Following up here…” That style of email will be the first thing to receive the dreaded trash can button. Instead of pushing a product or newsworthy story on to your media contact, approach them with a desire to help serve them better. Show them how your pitch is going to better their day and improve the quality of their upcoming work. 


Visuals, spelling and the perfect subject line!

It’s the little things that count. Creating a powerful, engaging subject line will be the ticket to ensuring that your email doesn’t get lost in a sea of media pitches. Ensuring that your email body is grammatically correct, has no spelling mistakes, and speaks with a level of professionalism will allow media to trust and value your communication. Adding relevant visual content also presents media with the opportunity to further understand what it is that you are pitching. Offer video content, creative fact sheets, or social media content that reaffirms the messaging you are presenting to media. 


While this time of the year brings out the hustle in all of us, it is important to remember that real, genuine conversation is the key to ensuring your pitch is heard. Go back and follow up with those people you have yet to hear back from, it might just surprise you! Some of the best PR hits can come from a simple and thoroughly thought out follow up email. Just give it a try!