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Re-Evaluating your Social Media as a Brand During COVID

Haley McGean

Re-Evaluating your Social Media as a Brand During COVID by Haley McGean on April 28th, 2020

Physically distant, but socially connected. COVID-19 has impacted people and the way they do pretty much everything.  With Social media platform usage surging over the last few weeks, it’s important for brands to listen to their customers, keep them connected and entertained.  Though your brand may be tempted to go dark or simply carry on business as usual, the following guide will help you understand the new reality of social and how to adapt your strategy during these #StayHome times. 

Community and Content

Community has always been an integral part of both social interaction and social media. People connect by supporting similar causes and sharing similar values and experiences. Twitter conducted a survey to understand how audiences were behaving during COVID-19, and its evident that brands not only have the opportunity to support society and their social communities, but people expect it. 

  • 82% of respondents said that brands should look to support frontline health staff, where possible
  • 86% of respondents said that brands should support vulnerable people within their communities
  • 77% said that brands should support their local communities

Not all of these apply to all brands, but consider how your brand can find a genuine way to connect consumers to a community moment. Can you highlight a partner or fan doing social good? Can you share an inspiring UGC story? Do you have an activity to keep families entertained together? Can you thank someone? 

That being said-  now is the time to try new content formats like polls, Facebook live videos, IG Stories, related articles, links to off platform resources, more User Generated Content, etc.. Get a pulse for what your audience wants by asking them or trying new content, then repeat and amplify what works! Ensure you inform your strategy with insights, and for further reading check out the Global Web index trends study on the Corornavirus

Measuring Success & Situational Awareness 

If you scroll through your newsfeed right now, you’re likely welcomed by a few cringe worthy ads from brands trying to connect a product or service with a brand value that solves a pain point caused by COVID-19. While there are clear opportunities for brands in the parent and family space to generate sales, its important to connect with your consumers.  It’s time to focus on them (the people) and not on the brand (the ROI).  

  • Focus less on clicks and traffic, and more on engagement shares and likes. 
  • Re-evaluate your strategy and frequency. Your audience behaviour may have changed, so your posting should too.
  • Be flexible on measuring success. Overall impressions, clicks, website visits and traffic may not align with normal expectations. Expect some uncertainty. 

Identify the metrics that speak to the brand sentiment and tell a social story, such as an increase in UGC, or more tagged messages, high profile social mentions or other metrics that may be more important at a time like this, rather than sales or flashy growth If campaigns previously supported sales or growth objectives, consider changing contests to focus on community engagement, supporting a good cause, or starting a positive UGC movement.  

With that in mind, brands should continue to look for the opportunities to thank your communities, listen to your audience, and combine engaging content with inspiring stories. Don’t be afraid to try new content formats and leverage the resources your brand has to connect with fans who are online now more than ever. Its important to keep up to date on social media trends and activity and be flexible with your content and measurement strategy during these unprecedented times. Stay social and #StayAtHome



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