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Podcasts – The Ultimate Multi-Platform Content Hack [5 Pro Tips Inside]

“Oh man, I’ve been listening to this great podcast…”, “Hey, did you hear GaryVee’s new podcast yet?”, “OMG The Skinny Confident just dropped a new podcast with a preview on IGTV!”

If you’ve had your ears on the street this past year, you’ve probably heard at least one (if not all) of the above. It’s true, podcasts are taking over mainstream media. This vocal platform poses incredible opportunities for you to connect with your audience, gain new listeners and make some of the easiest content ever.

Not sold yet? What if I told you that one single podcast is the ultimate content hack? I mean, it can be used on every single platform. Keep reading to find out how.


Record It: Capture Passive Listeners

Of course, the essence of a podcast is voice – and, passive listening is on the rise. According to Edison Research, 24% of Americans have listened to a podcast in [the month of March 2017]. That’s over 80 Million people in just one month! Marketing is about your audiences’ sensory experience with your brand. Podcasts allow you to connect with your target audience using the ever-forgotten sense of hearing.

Pro Tip: Be yourself! Do everything you can to get comfortable and sound natural. Your voice is the sound that your audience is going associate with your brand from here on out.


Film It: Post Full Version for YouTube, Facebook & IGTV

Once you’ve built up the courage and talking points to speak into a mic for about an hour, it’s time to consider film. Be sure to always film your podcasts. This will make for great long-form video content.  You can find some great film equipment on Amazon or at BestBuy that will make things easy.

Pro Tip: Not a video-editor? Set your camera up in a place where every podcast member can be seen. All you’ll need to do is remove the bloopers!


Clip It: Create Engaging Clips for Instagram

Ready to get your podcast out to the world? Use short clips from your full-length podcast recordings to make for engaging posts on Instagram. These clips should be funny, actionable, or contain a hot-take that really gets your following in on the conversation. Clips can become feed or story posts whenever you’re out of fresh content! Try creating 3-4 clips for every podcast so that you can really test what makes your audience tick.

Pro Tip: Link all clips back to your most popular podcast platform to boost listeners & subs.


Transcribe It: Easiest Blog You’ve Ever Written

It’s important to transcribe every podcast that you record. Not only does this turn a podcast into a blog article, but it will be great for SEO. Also, for any follower that’s riding the train or maybe forgot their air pods at home, having a written format of your podcast can make your content extremely accessible.

Pro Tip: Use the web-app Trint for effortless transcription. Always be sure to proof-read!


Quote It: 280 Characters Or Less? No Problem.

Just like visual clips for Instagram, you can use text to get your followers excited on other platform as well. Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to showcase quotes, giving your audience a sneak-peek into what’s happening on the podcast.

Pro Tip: Twitter & LinkedIn are designed to muster up conversation. Focus on posting engaging quotes from your podcast but stay away from clickbait!

Bonus Tip:

Plan your content accordingly so that quotes and clips are circulating a few days before the launch of your next episode. This will give your audience a taste of what they’re missing on your podcast and the truth is…nobody likes to miss out! Encourage your followers to hit that subscribe button early!

Go Start A Podcast!

Starting a content strategy with a podcast can prove valuable for marketers from teams both big and small. Especially when it can be stretched across so many platforms!