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Deck the brands in lots of coverage – how you can stand out during the holiday season

Even before Halloween passes, Christmas takes over the aisles of every store and the minds of every consumer. The malls start setting up for Santa Clause, the stores are putting Christmas lights, holiday wrapping paper and bows in their displays, and the scents of gingerbread, vanilla bean, and cinnamon fill your lungs.

With every brand wanting to get their product to the forefront of every consumers mind during the holiday season; how can you ensure that your products are being checked off on everyone’s shopping lists?

It takes more than just an amazing product (although that helps) to be top of mind as mommy bloggers, toy influencers and blogs make their holiday gift guides. Here’s three tips to help your brand stay at the top of everyone’s wish list throughout the holidays.

  1. A Catchy Christmas Carol

As the holiday season begins, you must find the perfect way to bring your brand to light with influencers and media. In the wise words of Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is you” to cover my brand! When sending information about your brand to influencers and media you want to make sure that it’s catchy and memorable. You want them to be intrigued from the time they read your subject line to the time they’ve read your sign off. During the holiday season influencers and media are bombarded with emails; the first way you can make your brand stand out is through your pitch.

  1. The Perfect Wrapping Paper

Once someone has asked you for samples of your brand, you want to make sure that you’re sending them the best wrapped gift they’ll ever open. Finding the perfect wrapping paper is essential to ensure that your brand resonates with whoever’s opening it. Unboxings are a huge part of a lot of influencer videos and depending on the outlet, the writer might even post the unboxing of your product on their personal social channels. When you’re putting together your holiday press kits, think of putting as much care into each package as Buddy the Elf would.

  1. A Personalized Holiday Card

Nothing means more to someone than a simple “thank you,” especially during the holidays. As influencers and media start to cover your brand, sending them a personalized holiday card thanking them for the coverage can go along way. Building relationships with the people who cover your brand goes a long way, not only will you be on their mind during this holiday season, but you could even be on the top of their list next holiday season. Make sure you thank all of the people who put coverage out for your brand.

Ho-ho-hopefully these tips will help your brand get on the nice list with influencers and media while staying at the top of every consumer’s wish list this holiday season.