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Caption This: How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Posts

Though writing social media captions may seem simple, it truly is an art. The caption can make or break the post.

A lot of thought goes into your caption. It needs to compliment the photo while also adding additional value to the post. A caption should also reflect your personal brand. Will your caption be explicit or sarcastic? Sweet or sassy? Descriptive or short and sweet? Will you include emojis, puns or hashtags? These are all questions that may seem irrelevant, but they truly impact the post and the overall branding.

When it comes to company branding, it is even more important that your caption works to send the appropriate message. Captions can be the main driver of engagement, solidify brand loyalty, and even drive sales.

Here are some tips to help create the perfect captions when promoting your company:

Brand Voice

Every brand has a distinct voice. Your brand voice helps your audience identify your brand and what it represents. A brand voice is not only established by wording, but also by messaging. Keep your messaging consistent as not to contradict previous posts.

In order to establish a brand voice, start by outlining your beliefs and goals. This will help determine the types of messages you wish to publish and how you will communicate them.

Call to Action

What is the purpose of the post? Is it to inform? Is it to promote sales?

Think about what the audience will be gaining from the content. Including an enticing call to action can lead your audience to take the steps you want them to take in order to achieve your goals.

Be cautious when it comes to being salesy. Social media is a great place to spread brand awareness, but audiences aren’t always prepared to purchase. Provide links to learn more. Ask a question to have fans engage. The goal is to make them stay on the post a little longer. This will have them thinking about the brand, putting it front of mind and establishing a positive relationship.

Utilize Instagram Features

While not all audiences are prepared to purchase, there are people who see what they like and want to know how they can get it. Instagram’s Shoppable Posts feature is perfect for these audiences. This feature allows you to tag your posts with direct purchase links to products featured in your image. This allows interested viewers to learn exactly which product is being featured. If they want to take the next steps, they can even purchase in minimal clicks. The best part about this feature is that it is a subtle way of selling. The tags only appear if you click on the shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the post. This way your post doesn’t scream BUY ME and you can focus on brand messaging.

Extend Reach

Social media is all about engaging with your audience. There are many tricks to extend your reach beyond your followers.

Listen to what your audience is saying and show you are listening by responding to comments and direct messages. Go beyond your feed and engage with posts that mention your brand or relate to it in any way. This will help expand your reach and reach new fans.

You can also utilize hashtags to have your posts appear in more places. Hashtags make your posts become searchable by other users. People will search hashtags of interest to find more content of interest, so why not use hashtags to help potential fans discover your page!

So next time you post to social media, don’t overlook the caption. Even though the photo is the focus of the post, the caption does hold its value.

Photo source: pexels.com