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Bring some summer to your desk with some greenery!

Margarita Castro

Bring some summer to your desk with some greenery! by Margarita Castro on July 15th, 2019

Summer is upon us and it’s time to go outside and enjoy some great weather. It could also be an opportunity to bring some of that green to your work space and bring some life into the office while you’re indoors.

One of the first concerns that we have when we think about bringing plants to the work place is lighting and finding a good space for them to grow without much effort. Here are 3 plant choices that will beautify your desk space:


This is one of my favourite choices since it can be quite resistant to low-light conditions and it’s a champion at cleaning toxins in the air. Pothos is plant who requires minimal care and can grow and reproduce pretty easily, so you can have more than one in no time!

African violets:

This is a plant that can give you flowers of different colours all year long if you take proper care of it. African violets don’t require a lot of water but they do require to be near a window but not necessarily direct sunlight.  Make sure your plant is draining water properly and clean dead leaves and flowers from time to time.


Cacti & Succulents:

Last but not least. Who doesn’t love cacti? If you tend to forget to water your plants sometimes, a cacti or succulent may be the solution of you. Cacti may not need lots of water but being close to a window would really help it grow.  In the case of succulents, they can easily survive in low-light environments better than cacti even in artificial light spaces.