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Brand Storytelling? #Nailedit! Creating Meaningful Content to Connect with your Audience

Like an individual, every brand has a personality which speaks to the very core of what it represents, through emotive connections, desirability, sincerity and competence. That personality, at the outset, is like a blank canvas with which you can paint a most remarkable piece of art to guide customers in crystallizing their thoughts of what the brand means. Think of some of the foremost brands globally and you can immediately associate human characteristics with them – friendly, happy, exciting, sophisticated, or quirky. So how does one truly represent a brand personality? Brand storytelling, of course.

In a world that is chock-full of competing brands that are populating the marketplace and shouting messages at the highest possible decibels, brand storytelling is vital in conveying the main elements of a brand personality and clearing the clutter to truly connect with your audience. If you don’t define your brand with a narrative that sets you apart, you inevitably become lost in a sea of messages that are all too similar for your audience to identify any distinct difference. To really stand out, a compelling brand story is what it will take. But how do you get started with brand storytelling? Not only that, how do you nail it?


Know your Target Audience

Who do you want to reach with your brand? Where do they reside? What media and platforms do they use? Your target audience is more than just demographics; they are real people who you want to reach with every narrative you weave and every piece of content you create. Knowing your target audience like you’d know your best friend is key to being able to connect efficiently and hit bullseye with your brand message. Get started through social listening; gauge brand sentiment and allow them to provide feedback on their likes, dislikes and motivations so you can meet their needs and add value.

Create Content that Connects on an Emotional Level

Whether you’re wooing your target audience with witty puns and one-liners on social media, or using the emotional pull of a human-interest story, the idea is to strategically connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. Create stories that are emotionally stimulating to whet the appetite and allow your audience to lean in for more. Yes, facts are important, but they are known to activate only two integral sections of the brain. Stories with an emotional appeal, however, have the power to impact several sections of your brain, including the sensory cortex, frontal cortex and motor cortex. When you incorporate brand storytelling into the key touchpoints for your brand, it helps to humanize your brand while endearing people to it. They believe in what you’re selling and they want to buy into it.

Turn up the Visual Appeal

First impression matters, still. In the era of shortened attention spans, a proliferation of one-liner memes and a 280-character limit (thanks Twitter) it is imperative to be able to capture the attention of your audience with potent visuals that resonate long after the first glance. More than that, maintaining high quality content is key to attracting potential customers and converting existing ones into loyal superfans and brand ambassadors. How is your brand represented visually? Do your images, infographics, and videos represent the brand personality that you’ve built? Only when the answer is a resounding YES, can they truly make a positive contribution to your brand storytelling.



Solidify the Message with Engaging, Real-world Fun!

So you’ve crafted the perfect messages in the traditional media and online spaces, how do you engage with customers while ensuring that your messages are fully aligned offline? Experiential activations can play an integral role in etching your brand in your target audience’s mind. Enhance the messages with interactivity such as game play, videos and shareable content, and you have a winning formula.

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time and has been passed down through generations, that’s how we learn customs, traditions and even languages. Therefore, telling stories is an integral aspect of daily life, we do it every day without even noticing! If you can learn the art of effortlessly interweaving them into marketing your brand, it will eventually become second nature. We all have a story. Why not make yours a bestseller?

Photos by rawpixel.com from Pexels.