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Kyle Norz

XBOX Series X Launch and Your Digital Strategy by Kyle Norz on August 5th, 2020

It is no secret that screen time has grown exponentially across almost all platforms in recent months and Xbox has experienced a 38% increase in console and game purchases. With 65M monthly active users, Xbox live is the most advanced multiplayer network powering the community...

Kassandra O'Brien

Adapting to the New ‘Normal’ by Kassandra O'Brien on July 28th, 2020

Regardless of where you are in the world right now, it’s safe to say that for the past 4-5 months you’ve been living in what the media has termed “the new normal”. Some of us are working from home, some are on the front lines and some of us have opened the door to new...

Jonathan Siemens

3 PR Mistakes you Could be Making by Jonathan Siemens on July 21st, 2020

Public Relations and marketing are dynamic, fast-paced and exciting industries, but all too often people dive in and don’t understand why they aren’t getting the results. PR should be easy, right? Journalists and media are just waiting for your email or call, right… Not so...

Jennifer Wirchansky

Generations! Identify First, Market Second by Jennifer Wirchansky on July 14th, 2020

Generations! Identify First, Market Second For many years we have always heard about “Baby Boomers” and in recent years “Millennials”, but do we really know and understand all the different generations?  Specific to marketing, it is crucial to truly know and...

Adeline Salvador

The Psychology of Colors by Adeline Salvador on July 7th, 2020

Color psychology is the study of how colours influence human behaviour and decision-making. In marketing and branding, color can evoke emotions and affect consumer behaviour. Choosing the right combination of colors can significantly increase brand recognition and influence...

Amanda Lao

PR: Back to Basics by Amanda Lao on June 24th, 2020

Over the last decade the rise of online platforms in the social and digital space has impacted public relations tactics. With new media advances, the question becomes, ‘where does traditional PR fit in the new equation?’  The truth is – PR has evolved alongside the...