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A Whole New World: Disney+ Takes Over the Streaming Space

Averie Hunt

A Whole New World: Disney+ Takes Over the Streaming Space by Averie Hunt on November 25th, 2019

The moment we all had been waiting for finally arrived last week – Disney launch its all-new streaming platform, Disney+. Within 24 hours, Disney had surpassed their year-end goal of reaching 8M subscribers, gathering over 10M new subscribers. How did the platform become so successful overnight? There are a few factors that played a role in the rapid subscription growth of Disney+:

1.  The Nostalgia Factor

Before the platform even launched, Disney announced that there would be reboots of millennial classics like Lizzie McGuire, exclusive live action remakes such as Lady and the Tramp, as well as Disney+ Originals, like a new Star Wars series called The Mandalorian. The availability of the content from the Disney vault like Steamboat Willie, Boy Meets World, Kim Possible, AND That’s So Raven? Who could resist subscribing to a platform that brings you back to a simpler time?

2.  An expanded media portfolio and demand for all things Disney

Over the last few years, the Disney media portfolio has expanded greatly with the acquisitions of LucasFilm, Marvel, and the most recent Fox Entertainment merger. These acquisitions and mergers enabled Disney to extend their reach away from providing only children’s content and allow them to stream shows like The Simpsons, Marvel, and Star Wars, all of which have a heavy following and fanbase.

3.  Great Partnerships

Verizon, the American provide of wireless products and services, bundled a one-year free subscription to Disney+ with their packages for Unlimited customers. It’s said that this played a huge role in Disney+ gaining 10M subscribers so quickly since the wireless provider has approximately 100M subscribers themselves.

Overall, Disney+ has made a mark in the streaming world and they are here to stay. With more original and exclusive content in the works, along with their competitive subscription pricing model – Netflix better watch out.